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The B&B Demolition Ltd. is a Canadian national Contractor company located in Edmonton, Alberta. To figure out why customers choose B&B Demolition Ltd. and to assess the reputation of the company, check the latest reviews on this page. Also, you can add your own review with the latest experience of cooperation with this company.

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    Simeon Hellesoe
    Posted Sep, 02 2019
    Bnb Demolition operates like its managed by crack heads, internally speaking the level of disorganization is really bad. The equipment is extremely dangerous , they don't enforce pre shift machine checks. instead the endanger lives daily by allowing them to operate faulty equipment. its a hush hush type thing for this company. EXCAVATORS, SCISSOR LIFTS, AWP'S are all unsafe its so bad that that their excavators literally fall apart do to lack of and matinance.
    Fall Arrest training generally requires 8 hours in total to complete and an actual written examination!! at bnb they train you in 4 hours the test is open book basically if you show up and day dream for 4 hours you get the ticket if thats the attitude a person could watch some youtube videos and say thier qualified to work at heights . This doesnt show earnest respect for safety as far is bnb is concerned your qualified after this farce. Doing this is in direct contradiction of OHNS stanadrs and technically constitutes criminal negligence because people can die if they dont know what thier doing you cant skip half of a course then pass those same people even if they fail the test. other people or them selves because they weren't trained properly. according to OHNS standards .
    BnB management will cut any and every corner possible.Yes they can finish some jobs on time safely sometimes but thats not a reflection of professionally its luck that no one has been severely injured these guys at bnb are cheap and they do cheap work thier saftey record is not exemplary by any means. If your wise you wont hire this comany thier work force consist of new hires temps and teenagers its hard to get the work force competency on par with the ambitions they constantly fire guys no ones thier to teach and build its just run of the mill company bnb is not and industry leader, do your research before employing bnb because they have more unhappy customers then happy ones its a shady company thats poorly managed
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